Procrastination: the good, the bad and my life

Procrastination is my Life

what procrastination taught me

I have been wanting to write about Procrastination but……well you know.

But the time has come and I am now forced to finish what I have told myself I needed to do. That is of course after I spent a few hrs watching videos about procrastination….ironic, I know!

I have admitted it and know without a doubt that I am a procrastinator. I know that is normally frowned upon. But after watching Tim Urban’s “Inside the mind of a master procrastinator”. I see things differently. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it. It will not get you to stop being a procrastinator but it might just make you feel better about yourself.


My everyday procrastinations:

I have been taking classes for real estate for about 2.5 months. I have my school test next week. Guess how much I have studied? Yup, not much. I keep procrastinating

Teacher sends home a project last Friday to be turned in this Friday…. guess when I decided to start on it? 2 days before its due.

I have a handy-dandy calendar to schedule all future posts in the attempt to write a few posts at a time ahead of schedule…. does it work? Nope, you will still find me the night before it’s supposed to post, trying to do it all.

It is obvious I have a problem. But in the end, everything gets done. So, I don’t really see it as a disadvantage.  But that is because I have had many, many years to figure out some type of system that works for me.

As Tim Urban points out there are 2 kinds of procrastination. Ones with a deadline and ones without deadlines.

The difference between these two is what really defines the effect of procrastination on your life and happiness.

The ones w/o deadline, those are the ones that can really begin to have a negative effect on your life. These situations include; working out, keeping in touch with family, starting a personal project. Things that you want to do or have to do but there is no specific due date. The ones you say you will get too later, they are the ones at the bottom of your to-do lists marked ‘when you get a chance’

You know you must do it, but it’s not at the top of your priority list, there are no immediate consequences if you don’t do it.

These are the scary ones, the ones that I think about at the end of the day and feel like crap because I didn’t do them.

I had more than enough time to go the gym, why didn’t I just go?!

My father is getting older and I can’t even take 5 minutes of my day to call and say hi!

I bought stuff at Home Depot to make a project, but yet they sit in the garage untouched.

You see these are little things, but the way they make me feel at the end of the day for not doing them really gets to me and my mood changes and my happiness goes away.


This brings back to another type of procrastination; the ones with deadlines.

Let’s take my kids for example. Unfortunately, they are becoming procrastinators just like Momma.

Princess had a science project she had almost 2 months to work on…. we began working on it Sunday night before it was due on that Friday. The stress was there, the adrenaline was there, maybe some yelling. But it got done and she got a 95%.

Each grading quarter Monkey is given a poem at the beginning of the quarter to memorize and recite at the end of the quarter. Poems are due on the 27th this month….we barely began working on it on the 22nd.  This is not the 1st time, but each time they memorize it quickly and get 100% on it.

You see when you have an actual deadline you are forced to actually start on it, even if it means waiting to the last minute. Your ‘panic monster’ kicks in and you do it. But the ‘panic monster’ will never show up if there is no deadline.

Which is why I am a huge advocate and collector of planners. I can plan anything out and I will do it because then I will have deadlines.

I had thought about and wanted to begin a blog for quite some time but the idea was always being pushed aside. I finally wrote down the date of the first post. And BAM!, early Jan 1, 2017 it was done. Yes, I spent New Year’s Eve writing my first post. But it felt so good to actually be able to hit that little Publish Button

I will wake up each day with the best intentions of going to the gym, but if it’s not on the calendar with a time. It just won’t get done that day. So I began writing out my gym days and times and I felt 10x better (I kinda fell off the wagon) but next month is a new month.

Hey, I’m still working on it. One day at a time!


8 thoughts on “Procrastination: the good, the bad and my life

  1. YES!!!!!! And I have also been taking Real Estate classes going on 3 months hahahaha.. and my home projects… ugh don’t get me started! My kitchen is half painted and my backyard escape well…. lol

  2. You are so right about the two kinds of procrastination. I’m the same way! I was always a last minute person, but attributed it to doing well under pressure. I think that deadlines are so important! I know if I have a deadline I will get it done. That’s why I put my workout in my planner everyday! Definitely a great read 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing. I agree that deadlines keep you on point. Now, I better get to adding deadlines for my goals because I plan on kicking some butt this year. I am about to click on the video you posted, Tim Urban’s Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator. . .or maybe I will do that later. Kidding!

    1. LOL, yeah it definently felt counter productive watching a procrastination video instead of writing!! But writing down does goal deadlines helps 100%

  4. Lol I’m a little mix of both kinds of procrastinators lol so bad of me! Haha love your blog Love. Keep the Gladys files going 😉😚❤

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