GIVEAWAY: Souza Design

Souza Design + our 1st GIVEAWAY!!!       I have been so excited for this day to come. So many 1st’s. First collaboration, 1st time working with a friend and…….my very first Giveaway!! I hope you get as excited about this as me, cuz trust me you are gonna love it. I have had […]

Little Letters Linkup

March’s Little Letters I am so excited to be joining  Taz and Belly‘s Little Letters link-up this month! I was so bummed I missed it last month. But from now on every 2nd Friday of the month you get to read little letters I write to all sorts of people, things and whatever I think needs […]

Friday Favorites Linkup

    Is it really Friday already?!?! and a new month?!?! I’m definitely adding those two to my list of Faves this month! Last month I joined these awesome ladies; Lindsay @ The Flynnigans, Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird and Charlotte @ My Pixie Blog on their Friday Happy List link up that they have every friday, but I have been […]

4 New Recipes To Try: March

New Recipes for March + a Recap of last month Time for new recipes! February has come and gone and it’s time now to come up with new recipes. I’m actually liking this plan, it really does help us get out of the rut and be able to add new ones to the rotation of […]