It is 1.1.17 and I am up and awake wayyyy to early. Considering that the kids are off at their Nani’s house you would think I would take full advantage and sleep in….but nope! Why?? you may ask?

I’m way too excited about starting on this blog journey of mine. Can’t wait to share the chaotic, coffee propelled, wine induced, eye-rolling, tantrum throwing, mostly normal and organized and full of LOL’s moments of what we call our lives.

I shall call it ” Gangsta Rap & Juice Boxes”. I figured this was a perfect name because it happens mostly every day. When life strays even just a little from the normal (or at least what I like to consider normal and I’m very lenient with ‘normal’) I like to put on some gangsta rap, hand the Princess and Monkey a juice box and explain to them the meaning of life mostly thru some good ol’ Tupac preaching. Deep down I know that they are amazed at how well I know the lyrics to these songs and equally shocked that I can still manage to forget what day it is. They just don’t understand, but it’s ok; I ain’t mad at cha’.

Most of you have stumbled unto my blog thru my very well timed and placed solicitation to come check it out and for that I shout out a big THANK YOU!! and WELCOME!! You will get an insider’s view of the lives of Me (of course), The Hubby, The Princess, The Monkey and let’s not forget Kona (the 4legged addition). I hope you continue to check it out. I promise there will not be a shortage of failed Pinterest projects, coffee/wine induced conversations, sleep deprived decisions, uninvited crying sessions, and all the LOL’s you can tolerate.

So with that said, I am excitedly looking forward to the new year. I have a good feeling that 2017 will be the year that I at least get 1/2 my s***t together. 2016 was a year full of ups and downs and many 1st for everyone; I stopped working full time, kids got to see snow for the 1st time, had my 1st Dutch Bros, 1st time at Country Thunder, Vanessa went on her 1st out of state trip on her own, we sold our house, moved into a rental, wrecked my very liked Jeep but at least I got my very much loved Nitro, got to visit my family in Mexico, took the kids to Disneyland, kids started a new school, began my mission to work out, survived Crossfit Bootcamp, started Real Estate school and ended the year with the great idea to start a Blog.

Can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store. Ain’t nothing gonna stop me now!! Hope you join me and enjoy this roller- coaster ride with me.

“every ending has a new beginning”


2 thoughts on “NEW YEAR , NEW BEGGININGS

  1. I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to hear and see your journey( other than our random calls) fall into something you want to do. I’ll be your number one reader😘🎉

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