National Random Act of Kindness Day – its the little things that count

National Random Act of Kindness Day – Feb 17th  
National RAK Day, a little spark of kindness
Monday morning was a hectic one, like always! On the bright side, my Pops was still staying with us but his visit was soon coming to an end. So what better way to start the day than to go to Dutch Bros and have Pops try a new drink at my new fave coffee place.
The line was looonnnggg…..anyone that drinks Dutch Bros knows how annoyingly long those lines can be. Either way, we had no morning plans so we got in line to get some much-needed caffeine in our systems.
The sweet young lady who seemed to never stop smiling (even on a Monday morning) came up to the car and took our order, she kept calling me Honey and Love. They sure know how to make you feel special there.
Pops loved the customer service and could not understand why she was being so nice. “it’s just part of the experience, Pops” I kept telling him. His Monday morning was going pretty good so far.
It was what happened next that made his day and he would continue to talk about it the rest of the day….
National RAK Day, kindness is more than deeds
As we got up to the window to pay, we were excitedly informed that our order had been paid for by the gentleman ahead of us. This just put Pops over the moon.
“what!!….are you serious?….why would he do that? Do you know him? Does he know you?… nice of him!….this is amazing!…. And Pops just kept going, he could not believe that some stranger would do such a nice thing for another stranger.
It’s the little things that make the biggest difference to someone.
National RAK Day, kindness is understimated
I challenge every single one of my readers to do something. Big or small, simple or extravagant, whatever you choose; for a stranger. You may not see first hand what effect your actions will have on that person. But trust me, it will make the world a better place.
Here are some ideas to get you started:
  • Smile at 10 people
  • Pay for the person in line behind you
  • Give a genuine unsolicited compliment to someone’s
  • Place uplifting notes in random places: library books, restroom mirrors, coworkers computers…
  • Send flowers to someone
  • Leave a generous tip
  • Help someone in need
  • Put change in a vending machine
  • Leave $5 bucks your Redbox return for the next person
  • Send a quick txt to a friend and tell them how happy you are that they are part of your life.
  • Donate greeting cards to Ronald McDonald House
  • Donate calling cards to a Women’s Shelter
  • Buy a meal for a homeless person
And I’m hoping we all already do the following but if not, then let’s start doing them: Hold doors open, say thank you, say hello to each person you pass, put shopping carts back.
What will you be doing today to spread a little Kindness in this world that could really use more of it?

16 thoughts on “National Random Act of Kindness Day – its the little things that count

    1. yes!! i believe that anyone who has worked in customer service has a different view on this. you just never know what people are going thru. a smile goes a long way.

  1. Paying for the person behind you works wonders on a person’s day! I’ve had it happen to me quite a bit. Unfortunately, some were on days I just couldn’t afford to do it for the next person as I would prefer. But, I made sure I helped someone out in one way or another to pass that wonderful feeling on! This is a really great post.


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