Monday Mornings and the Chaos it Brings

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I am not a morning person. If you wake me up even just 1 min before my alarm rings, be prepared to die from my death stare and all the complaining I will be doing about not getting enough sleep. I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON.

You would think that since I have been a mom for about 10 years I would have learned to become a morning person. You will be disappointed to find out that that does not happen. I will hit snooze as often as I can, I will mentally go thru all the things I gotta do to get ready and slowly cross-of anything not extremely necessary.

Hence the no makeup, hair in a bun, just be happy I brushed my teeth look.

Hence the no makeup, hair in a bun, just be happy I brushed my teeth look.With that said, I go to bed each night with the best intentions to have a smooth morning.

We will wake up on time. Not hit the snooze button. No yelling. Make breakfast. Pack lunches. Have extra time to just relax and talk about the day ahead and calmly load into the car with smiles and cruise to the school singing along to the radio.

But instead I will most likely hit snooze too many times, and the kids will refuse to get out of bed so now I gotta yell at them. Picking out their uniform will be a struggle, beds won’t be made, too late for breakfast, realize there is no bread to make lunches….I hate that we start each day stressed out to the max, full of chaos. I am a believer that the way you start your day sets the tone for the rest of the day.


Last night I was determined to have a Successful Monday Morning.

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I started by writing everything out in my planner pages. I packed my gym bag, my computer bag chargers and all, set out my water bottles, sent the kids to bed early and reminded them that they went back to school in the morning…..Results:  hit snooze from 6:15 am to 6:40 am, kids only struggled a bit to get up, picking out outfits was painless, all teeth brushed, hair combed ( I think…can’t remember if Monkey got his hair done!), no breakfast, no lunches packed (thank god for school meals), kids were in the car ready to go, while I juggled 3 water bottles and my 2 bags to the car…..i would consider this morning a HUGE SUCCESS!!!

Well at least on the part with the kids. On my end; it was gonna be a busy day and I did not plan on coming back to the house until I got off work around 7 pm. Computer bag included everything I needed to get me thru the day to write the blog, I had my list of errands; including getting supplies for a science project that is due in 4 days (gotta love my Princess). I also signed up for an Insanity class in the morning so I had packed my gym bag with stuff to take a shower and my work clothes for the evening…..well turns out showering does no good if you didn’t pack clean clothes to change into!!!!

(And my scrubs are a little too tight to be comfy all day, reason to why I gotta start working out)

So now I’m back home writing and good thing, cuz I realized I forgot to start the crockpot for our dinner….HALF SUCCESFUL DAY.

I tried my best, and I might feel a bit let down because I am a huge planner and hate when things do not go as planned. But we have to remind ourselves that

Being a mom is messy. The routine is never routine. But there is beauty in the chaos.

But for now I will call my mom cuz I know I can always depend on my momma, she always makes me feel better.

“And when it seems that I’m hopeless

You say the words that can get me back in focus

When I was sick as a little kid

To keep me happy there’s no limit to the things you did

And all my childhood memories

Are full of all the sweet things you did for me

And even though I act crazy

I gotta thank the Lord that you made me

There are no words that can express how I feel.”

For the Mom’s out there who have mastered morning chaos and get it all done… You get a damn cookie and the evil eye from me.


4 thoughts on “Monday Mornings and the Chaos it Brings

  1. Love this!!!!!!! Try setting your alarm before you know you have to get up.. that way when you hit snooze so many times it’s not as late as it would have been and you FEEL you slept more…… also get a crockpot with a timer and clock to you can set it to turn or for you when you put the food in it so there are no “ooppsss looks like McDonald’s” lol ( I’m still waiting on the crockpot myself) and I don’t know one mom that leaves on time I know I sure the HELL don’t….. love you ❤️🤓 *** my two cents***

    1. I tried the early alarm tip…it don’t work. But crockpot meals are definitely lifesavers in our hectic lives!

  2. I’m so enjoying your blog! … May or may not have just read everything you’ve written 😛 I love how much your personal voice shines through #goals. I reckon crockpot breakfasts should be a thing… though not quite sure what they would be…

    1. Thanks for checking it out! i strive to be of some kind of entertainment, even if just for a millasecond!. 🙂

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