Microblading: Try it out Tuesday

First-hand experience on Microblading

If you are not familiar with what microblading is or maybe you just want to get more information and know what the results are like…. Then lucky for you I have done it and experienced it all in the name of Beauty.

We all want to have eyebrows on fleek, some of us have the time to spend ungodly hours in the morning perfecting them. But if you are lacking in the Michelangelo artist skills or you’re like me who is constantly touching your face (yes, I know that is not good) those eyebrows are not too much on the fleek side.

Some of you have been blessed to have full, beautiful brows that need no filling in, just wax and go.

I, on the other hand, have scrawny, barely there brows that are a result of over-plucking back in the day when I wanted to have Sharpied in Chola brows in high school. I plucked and plucked with no experience whatsoever as to what looked good and was left with brows that need constant attention to be able to show face to the outside world.

That is until I heard about microblading (ahhhhh moment, with godly rays shining down)

Microblading is pretty much permanent, so I was very hesitant to just jump into the decision of getting them done. I mean, I’m sure we all have visuals of grandmas or aunts that have those parentheses looking brows that are either straight up black or some weird shade of brown/green. Not exactly the look I was going for, I think we can all agree on that.

The look aside, I was more terrified about the pain considering they are tattooing on your face! and I have a very low pain tolerance.

I was relieved a bit and even more intrigued when a few of my coworkers got microblading done. They were all beyond ecstatic and no complaints. I still waited a few months before I jumped into the decision. Making sure I did not hear about any bad experiences. But, they were all happy with their results.

So here is how it all goes down:

Microblading uses a slender, pen-like instrument that holds a bunch of tiny needles (think acupuncture tiny) that form a blade to create subtle, natural-looking brows by mimicking the strokes of eyebrow hairs. A new blade is used for each procedure for your safety.


1st of All: Please, please please (I cannot emphasize this part enough) do your research on the technician.

Make sure you see her work. I was lucky enough to have my coworkers to vouch for Louisa and her amazing work and I was able to see 1st hand their results.



I showed up to my appt with my brows done the way I normally do them to give her an idea of how I like them. Louisa still took her time to draw out my brows and make sure they complement my face. She asked if I liked them thinner/thicker. More arch/less arch. Darker/ lighter. She was soooo detailed that it immediately put me at ease and I trusted that she knew what she was doing.



Next, she customized an ink color that matched my natural hair color or close to it. The color will look darker at first but will lighten up with time. So, don’t freak out.

Once all the little (major) details have been figured out, the fun begins!



There is some discomfort, mostly from the process to numb the area (of course) but after that, if you are numbed correctly it’s pretty much a walk in the park. I think the worst part was being able to hear the blade going across your skin. I would recommend bringing some headphones, the whole process takes about 2 hrs to do. Some good music will make the process smoother.


End Results:

At the end of your appt you can expect to feel like a Queen! Okay, maybe not seriously but your brows will be the epitome of perfection! You won’t be able to stop staring at them, you will sneak a look at your reflection every chance you get, you will need to expand your phone memory cuz of all the selfies you will be taking.


You will need to come back in 4 weeks for a touch-up. Your brows will become a bit lighter and some shrinking will happen during this time. Your follow up appt is the time to go darker, thicker or go over any areas of concern you may have. Same process as the first time, so you will be a pro by this time.



There is no down-time, you can go straight out and have a girls night out or celebratory drinks for your new brows. Louisa handed me a post-care sheet and I was set to go. I ended up going to a football game that evening and had no problems at all.

Microblading is expected to last about 2 years depending on your skin, you can then come back for a touch-up or continue to shade them in. What?! Shade them in?!?! again!… Don’t worry it’s  no big deal; think of it this way, it’s a lot easier to color in an outlined masterpiece than to try to draw a masterpiece free hand. The hard part will be already done, so everything will be 10x easier.


Prices can vary widely depending on where you’re located at. Here in AZ they range from $400-$800 give or take. Louisa has amazingly low prices for the talent that she possesses. At this moment she charges $350 for the procedure and I can guarantee you definitely get more than what you paid for when it comes to her. But please keep in mind when doing your research, cheaper is not always better. You wouldn’t want to end up with some messed up brows that you gotta look at everyday! and trust me I have seen some bad ones out there.


6 months later:

I am still in love with them!! This is pic is with no makeup or no filter, just them brows looking fleek!


Amazing work was done by Louisa who you can find pics of all her work and contact info over at:

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12 thoughts on “Microblading: Try it out Tuesday

  1. Looks nice girl. I’ve been debating… I was not blessed with a nice pair of eyebrows; it runs in the family. It’s a pain in the butt drawing them on every day and then when I goto the gym at lunch, yeah that’s pretty much a joke afterwards. 🙂

    A friend of mine got hers done and I love them. Luckily if I decided it’s a yes, I know someone related through the family.

    1. i hated drawing mine in,and i swear my mood for the day depended on how they looked. I am so happy i got them done! Im glad you got some one you can trust if you decided to do them.

  2. This look incredible. A girl in my small town just started offering this, and I’ve been contemplating it because I do fill in my eyebrows daily and it takes forever. Thanks for the review; it answered a lot of my questions.

    1. Im glad i could help out, let me know if you have any other questions. I come from a small town so I know how it goes when it comes to options. Good Luck! ♥

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