I’m not always as good as I want to be at being your mom.

…but I can promise you that I am trying my best at being the best mom I can be.

As a mom, we are constantly feeling like we can do more for our kids. We constantly strive to be as perfect as we can, even though we remind ourselves that this is not a competition and that we can only do our best.
No one explained to us when they handed us our bundles of joy that we would cry ourselves to sleep thinking about how we have been failing as mothers. We need to remind ourselves that life is all about learning and growing and I promise you that our own moms thought that they did not know what they were doing. Looks like we turn out ok in the end.

Recently I read a post that was circulating around on Facebook from the amazing Jess over at “wonderoak”. I was so touched by her post that I instantly began indulging all my free time reading all her posts. She is so real and forward and I could relate to EVERY SINGLE post that I read! I am immediately obsessed with her! If you haven’t read her post, please do so immediately and check out the rest of her blog. (warning: I am not responsible for lost time on your behalf)

As I read “Dear Kids, when I fail…”, I began to tear up because she so correctly described how I feel most days and how I’m sure so many of us feel when it comes to raising our kids and all the other emotions that come along with that.

At the least, I highly recommend you to read this post if you haven’t yet….

Dear kids, Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I see that you’ve grown over night. Your face is more defined, your eyes look older. A part of me is excited and in awe; I know you have so much ahead of you. Another part is scared because time is racing and I can’t slow […]

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