From Coffee to Command Hooks – Friday Favorites

And just like that, it’s FRIDAY… it feels like it was just Monday and I was struggling at getting thru the day. But we can now move on to more fun things and get ready for the weekend.

This Friday I wanted to start a series called Friday Favorites where I can list a few of my favorite things that got me thru the week.

logo of friday favorites in blue watercolor

1. Coffee– this is just a given, without it there would be no Gladys. I love coffee but I’m also not one of those uppity up peeps who only drink a certain kind. Gas station coffee, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Folgers, generic store brand, any kind that I can make in the Keurig…. you name it I will drink it. If you make it, I will come over and drink it!! In the morning, in the afternoon, at night. Coffee + Me = Happy Life.

2. Crockpot– because we would most likely be eating cereal or sandwiches without it. I’m sure the whole family will attest to why this is ALL of ours favorite. My fave recipe is making this chicken meat from Sweet Little Bluebird that is so versatile and easy to make. Today I am attempting to make lasagna in my new Casserole Crockpot. Hoping it comes out good, considering I may or have not followed the recipe wrong.

image of january 2017 ipsy bag
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3. IPSY this makes the middle of every month my favorite! It’s a little gift to myself and who doesn’t love to play with makeup.I’ve tried other monthly subscription boxes and this has made the cut every single time. Plus, it comes packaged it the perfect pink bubble envelope that just forces you to smile. I just got mine today!

4. Command Hooks– now that we are renting, these have been lifesavers. Especially when the Rental Inspector stopped by this week and I could assure him no damage has been made to their walls. They have all different types that will do anything.

5. Sol.u.mel – This cleaning liquid is GOLD. I can clean just about everything with it. Works wonders on the kid’s clothes and the many stains they come home with. I don’t clean everything because I have other amazing products from the same company that I love. Plus, they are all natural and much cheaper that store brands. You can look here to see some other safer products that can replace your everyday items.

6. Planner/Printables – I don’t know where I would be without them. LITTERALY I don’t know where I should be or be doing without them. I use to go spend hours debating which layout would work better for me, buy all different kind of planners only to end up using them a couple of months because they didn’t work for me. So now I just make my own planner pages and print them as I go, this way they are laid out and have only what I need. I’ll be posting some free printables later on.

7. Pilot FriXion pens– these go right along with my addiction to Planners. These pens write smooth, come in all sorts of colors but the best part……. they are erasable! I hate how crossed of writing looks like it honestly gives me anxiety. I would much rather start all over on a new page than cross/scratch something off. I’m also not a fan of pencils, so these pens are the best of both worlds for me.

8. My new desk– I love it, I love it, I love it! All thanks to the Hubby and my very persistent reminding him to do it for me. I’m currently obsessed with white and gold, this desk fits my obsession perfectly. Now I got my own little oasis to blog to my heart’s content and ready to work selling homes when I’m all done with school. I shall call her “Bonita Applebum”, I’ll be posting pics of her later.

9. Goodwill– I’m sure by now you have figured this one out. I am madly in love/obsessed with Goodwill. I could go there every day, even multiple times a day (yes, I have done this. 4 different stores to be exact) I will always find what I’m looking for and if not at least something else that I can use.

10. Target after Christmas– Target has these amazing sales right after Christmas where everything goes on sale for 90% off!!!! Now I know that everyone else does this, but the difference here is that they also include all their beautiful furniture. I was able to get these items for less than $20 bucks originally it would have cost me $180. Jackpot!! I can use the table to put my printer on and the black/gold tray will fit right in my office corner. Trees will have to wait till next Christmas to have their moment. (you can still buy some of this items online, but you won’t be getting them for 90% off. Sad but true)

image of target sale items, xmas tress, sidetable, black and gold tray

And that right there rounds up my Friday Favorites and you get a glimpse of the little things that made my life just a little bit brighter this week.

What are some of your favorite things? Don’t be shy, go ahead and comment below and let us all know.

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