About Me

A blog about my interpretation of trying to accomplish everything in life.



I’m Gladys and this is my blog. A place where I plan on sharing my so called homemaking skills, the struggles of parenting to the perfection that we think is expected of us, trying to balance my work and home life.  I was also at a point that I felt like I needed some type of inspiration to live life a little brighter and enjoy all the little things that I can share with you.

A little about me:

I am a PT SAHM/ working mom and a future real estate agent. Wife to a hardworking husband. Mother of 2; a strong-willed Princess and a rambunctious caring Monkey plus our 4-legged fur baby Kona who we rescued and have been entertained ever since.

I enjoy reading (social media, sometimes books), going places (Target, Michael’s, Goodwill…)and watching unexcused amounts of Netflix. I try my best to raise well-rounded children who don’t think the world revolves around them. My husband and I try to spend quality time as much as we can, which mostly involves him putting up with my crazy antics and spontaneous singing and dancing.

I hope you find my blog entertaining and informative. Maybe you will learn a new recipe or a new way to not screw up parenting, or what not to say to your hubby when he tried to help and washed the whites with the darks…. there is in fact a better, nicer way to tell him!