14 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him: DIY (mostly)

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

I feel that guys are the hardest to buy gifts for. As women, we have tons of options and we give them hints all the time of what we want. But guys are too simple; they are happy with wallets, colognes or watches, which also makes it harder to figure out what to get them that you haven’t gotten them before.

I personally like giving handmade gifts (or somewhat handmade). Not only can they be budget friendly but also more unique. Valentine’s Day is the time to show him how much you love him. What you really think of him and how you truly feel about him. Anything handmade is always filled with love (and some frustration if you’re not the crafty type) ♥. So, whether you just started dating or have been together for years you want to show him how much he means to you.

I have rounded up 14 DIY Valentine Gifts for Him. Enjoy!

14 diy vday gifts for him

♥ Candygram – you will find tons of different saying online ♥

52 things I love about you cards ♥

I DONUT know what I’d do without you** ♥

I won the LOTTERY with you** ♥

♥ or you can also make your own: like these ones ♥

♥ Jenga Game ( I’ll tumble for you) ♥

5 Senses gift ♥

♥ Date in Box ♥

Where we met, kissed… map ♥

Will you ‘BEer’ my Valentine** ♥

12 months of pre-planned date nights ♥

Brown paper pkg Tied up w string… ♥

Spooning since **** Frame ♥

Jar of Kisses** ♥

** these are the ones you can literally do last minute if you are a bit of a procrastinator like me 🙂

Whether you make something yourself or go buy something, your guy will love you. In the end what matters the most is that you spend some time together and I don’t mean just your regular, daily, routine time but actually Intentional Time Together. Be truly in the moment with him. Away from the busyness, the phones, and your daily routines and just be together.

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