Dear Hubby; an open letter to my husband

To my Husband who puts up with me.   Dear Hubby, Things have changed. After all these years (12 years and 9 months to be exact) our relationship has gone thru every struggle and triumph that we could have imagined. But we are still here. Sometimes we might question where we stand and I’m hoping […]

14 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him: DIY (mostly)

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him I feel that guys are the hardest to buy gifts for. As women, we have tons of options and we give them hints all the time of what we want. But guys are too simple; they are happy with wallets, colognes or watches, which also makes it harder to figure […]

Friday Favorites: 10 Things that made me happy this week

It’s Friday! It’s February! and the weather here in AZ is just amazing. It’s a happy day for sure ♥♥ These awesome ladies here: Lindsay @ The Flynnigans, Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird and Charlotte @ My Pixie Blog are hosting a link up featuring our happy lists from the week! As I had mentioned before I want to post […]

5 Free Valentine Printables For Kids

Here are 5 Free Valentine Printable just for you! I am BIG planner….but I’m also a HUGE procrastinator. I love to plan, plan, plan. But most of the time I actually forget to act on all that planning. And find myself running around last minute doing all those things I planned for. I have been planning […]