Procrastination: the good, the bad and my life

Procrastination is my Life I have been wanting to write about Procrastination but……well you know. But the time has come and I am now forced to finish what I have told myself I needed to do. That is of course after I spent a few hrs watching videos about procrastination….ironic, I know! I have admitted […]

Dear Hubby; an open letter to my husband

To my Husband who puts up with me.   Dear Hubby, Things have changed. After all these years (12 years and 9 months to be exact) our relationship has gone thru every struggle and triumph that we could have imagined. But we are still here. Sometimes we might question where we stand and I’m hoping […]

Kids + Cleaning = Happy mom or Angry mom

TGIF! or so they say…as a Mom we look forward to TGIMonday!! and after this winter break I am ready to go back to the morning chaos of sending them off to school. And less arguing about cleaning and picking up plus the house will stay clean longer!! The past 2 weeks have been filled with Holidays, visitors, trips […]